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Product Highlight: CoolFlow Pacifier

New product alert! The CoolFlow Pacifier is here!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dr. Jordan Goldstein, the BornFree Pediatric Dentist who helps us develop our oral line, would like to share some facts with you.

Tips for Cavity Prevention

  • Try and make the brushing time as fun as possible
  • If using a tooth paste without fluoride, pay extra attention for changes in tooth color and structure
  • If your child eats sticky foods, brush afterward, after or at least rinse her/his mouth with water
  • A child’s first visit to the dentist should be made by the first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts
  • Dental Sealants with no BPA are available today and recommended to prevent decay originating on tooth surfaces
  • The use of pacifier above age 4 or above is likely to cause permanent teeth misalignment
  • New dental techniques available to fill cavities with out drilling are now available.

Enter for a chance to win a pack of CoolFlow Pacifiers by going to our Facebook Fan page (contest ends 2/26).


Notes From Motherhood: Snacks

I love snacks. I love them more than real meals. My favorites are popcorn, raisins, nuts, fruit…and chocolate cake. My husband says chocolate isn’t a snack but that can’t be right because then why would I call it “snacking chocolate”?

My 3 year-old loves snacks as well. She won’t eat many vegetables but she will eat baby carrots because they’re so adorable and snack-able. When she was younger she used to embarrass me by hitting up other moms at the park for their goodies. All a mom had to do was open a zip-lock bag or box of crackers and my little hooligan would go running towards her! They probably thought I was starving my child. We always had our own things to eat but the novelty of another child’s food was irresistible.

Lately I’ve been trying to get her to eat healthier foods. Apparently all of her classmates are munching on cucumber and baby arugula at lunchtime. I know I can sneak veggies into her favorites such as steamed, pureed cauliflower into her oatmeal and eggplant into her smoothies, but I’d love for her to one day eat vegetables knowingly.

I have a plan. She loves to have her park and playdate snacks packed into her BornFree Formula Dispenser. Creative, right? It has three compartments so that different items don’t mix (it’s a sin for foods to touch in Toddler World).

Perhaps instead of packing her usual munchies like sunflower seeds and popcorn:

Pretty healthy but we we need veggies!

I’ll start bringing this to the park:

Peas, corn, and snacking chocolate.

Totally kidding! I won’t take peas and carrots to the park because I’d never remember to bring a spoon.

Maybe putting the vegetables in a container she loves will encourage her to eat veggies at dinner. I’ll remove the chocolate and give it to her when she’s done of course.

Let me know what you think. I’ll choose one commenter to win a BornFree Formula Dispenser!

Parent Dish Picks up Matthew has picked up the photos of Matthew McConaughey with son Levi holding a BornFree™ cup! These images are really getting around!

Read the whole article here: Review

Melissa from just posted a great review of our Trainer Cups and Teethers! As a mom of two young boys, Connor and Jackson, she’s an expert on all things toddler and I’m so excited that she’s given us her seal of approval.

Straight from Melissa:

“This one never leaks! It is so easy to clean. There are no straws with impossible to reach crannies or weird plastic suction pieces I can never put back on correctly. My little boy loves smoothies and many cups will not allow him to get the teeny tiny fruit through the spout – not the case with the soft spout on this cup.”


Read the entire review by going to:

BornFree™ Tali

Check out this BornFree™ Baby! Meet baby Tali. She’s two months old and has an affinity for a certain baby brand…I can’t remember what it’s called…


Get Tali’s look!

BornFree™ 9oz Bottle (Always BPA-Free with Inner Valve and Air Vent System):

BornFree™ Day & Night Pacifier:

BornFree™ Silicone Teether with Built-In Cavity for anesthetic paste:

Family Times Magazine!

Family Times Magazine has featured us in their October/November issue in an article called “Welcome to Mommyland.”

We’re mentioned as company whose products are safe and reliable for new mothers. Pick up the issue!



The Interchangeable BornFree™ System

Did you know that BornFree™ products feature interchangeable parts? That means the bottle tops fit on the Drinking and Trainer sippy cups! This makes transitions for little ones that much easier!


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