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Holiday Party: First Time Moms in California

We were so happy to be asked to take part in a special holiday party with a mom group in California: The First Time Moms of North County. A special BornFree gift bag with all sorts of goodies was raffled. Congrats to Nina, the winner!

The Winner!

The Winner!

Here are some photos from the event

The prize!

The Moms!

If you’re a mom group who’d like to have BornFree at your event please email


Big City Moms Dinner- Tonight!

As I type, we are off to New York City for the Big City Moms Expectant Mom’s Dinner! Many moms in attendance will be going home with gifts from us!

Please say hello to Carole if you see her!

GotoMom Event: Huge Success!

The GoToMom book signing and social networking party was a huge success! We were proud to sponsor this event. Each of the bloggers went home with BornFree™ goodies in their bags. Kimberly Blaine, the mom behind the event, just posted a video on her website.

It looks like these moms had a great time!


Goody Bags


Kimberly Blaine & Co

Many bloggers attended the event.

Big City Moms- Biggest Baby Shower!

The Biggest Baby Shower Ever Event with Big City Moms was a huge success! Moms and moms-to-be turned up from all over the city to take part in the festivities.

Guest speakers, Kelly Rutherford (from Gossip Girl) and Dr. Greene were on hand to give mothers-to-be tips and tricks for great parenting.

We’d like to give a big “Thank You” to Big City Moms for this great event!


BornFree™ Mama-razzi: Naiya

We have a new BornFree™ Mama-razzi sighting! Naiya’s mom just sent in this beautiful photo of her little girl.

Baby Naiya

“We tried every bottle on the market…” -Naiya’s Mom

Would you like the join the BornFree™ Mama-razzi? Just email photos of your little one using BornFree and send to Keep them coming!

The Mommyista

We’re proud to work with a great group of moms called The Mommyista. Last week they had their kick-off gathering and raffled off a BornFree™ Gift Set.

50 moms came together for this fantastic event and Kim walked away with the BornFree™  prize! Turns out she’d already registered for BornFree™ bottles- what luck!

The Mommyista is a Florida-based group created by two moms, Autumn and Kara. Visit their website here:


Table of Goodies

The Winner!

The Winner!

“I Love My Mom Group” Winner!

We have a winner of BornFree™’s first I Love My Mom Group contest!


Lisa of Rancho Santa Margarita sent in this lovely submission:

My moms group saved my sanity! During the first 6-8 weeks of my daughter’s life, I struggled with the “baby blues”. All I wanted to do was crawl in a hole & forget about being a mom. Then I joined my moms group, the New Moms of South OC 2009. All the women are new mommies with babies born in 2009. This meant all the babies were my daughter’s age!!! These women have shown me that all my feelings about being a mom; anxiety, unconditional love, frustration, etc. are all perfectly normal. I’m NORMAL!!! What a great feeling to know I’m not the only mom out there going through these ups and downs.
The moms are really relaxed, welcoming, & love their babies. Our coordinator, Holly goes above & beyond in finding fun, low cost things for us to do, like getting together at a moms house to make headbands for the baby girls or arranging a free Gymboree class for all of us to try. It’s a fantastic way for us to get over our anxiety about bringing our little ones out in public because we’re doing it together! We even stress the importance of doing something for ourselves by having moms night out once a month.

When I joined the group in mid-June there were about 30 moms, now there are over 70 moms!!!! Most of the moms joining have heard about the group from other members. The word is spreading….the New Moms of South OC 2009 groups is FANTASTIC!!!

Congrats Lisa!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we are planning our next round of contests!

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