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Tot Snob: Interview with Ron Vigdor

Tot Snob just published a great interview with Ron Vigdor, the President of BornFree. The most common questions about BPA and BornFree products were touched on including the question of all questions: Can you make a truly leak-proof sippy cup?

“With so much debate and controversy over BPA and it’s harmful affects, I decided to speak to Ron Vigdor, President of Born Free, maker of BPA free sippy cups and bottles. The importance of the discussion regarding BPA cannot be over stated. It is because of consumers like us who demand change that the industry and government has taken action.”

Read the whole interview here:


SheKnows Pregnancy

We enjoyed a nice mention from SheKnows Pregnancy, a website millions of soon-to-be moms use to navigate through a very important time in their lives. The post featured photos of our Trainer Cup, pacifiers, teethers and bottles.

Notes From Motherhood: Happy Teething, Happy New Year!

For some reason I can’t at all remember when my first daughter started teething. Was the memory so horrific that I’ve blocked it out? That must be the case because my 3.5 month old has started teething. Isn’t this a little early? I’m assuming this means she’ll be an early reader as well.

Some of the symptoms are: eating around the clock, crankiness, not sleeping well…and that’s just me, the baby is having a hard time, too. 🙂

I’ve tried homeopathy, good old Tylenol (although she’s so young I’m keeping the amounts minimal) and lots of love. Of course I brought out her pink Teether Gum Brush for the occasion!

Bite as much as you want, honey! There are no BPAs! 🙂

She loves the feeling of the soft bristles against her ailing gums. Great mom that I am, I even popped it in the freezer so that she can cool down her gums a bit. Okay that’s not an original idea but I get points for remembering to do it, right?

Yes, I do keep flour in my freezer...Try to find the Teether Gum Brush!

Tonight I’ll be excitedly watching New Year’s Eve celebrations all over the world on television while tending to her little gums. Babysitters across the globe will be raking in the dough big time, too I’m sure.

I’m hoping that she’s not awake when the clock strikes midnight. Cross your fingers that I’ll enter 2010 with a peaceful, sleeping baby.

Happy New Year, everyone!

*Get your own Silicone Teether:

*Or the Teether Gum Brush (as shown with 3.5 month-old drooly Tali):

BornFree in “An Island Life”

Kailani gave BornFree a great review over at her blog The Island Life. This mom of three and blogger lives in Hawaii.

“Since I’m returning back to work next month, we’ve been having to supplement breastmilk with formula just to get Kaila used to a different routine. However, as some of you know I’ve been having some problems with the bottles that we currently use….”

Read the rest of the review and see how it was BornFree to the rescue hee:

Kailani's BornFree Baby

512 Kidz Contest!

Win a BornFree glass bottle and 2-pack of pacifiers by entering the 512 Kidz contest here:

“There’s a new baby product line that I wanted to put on your radar – BornFree, an all-natural, Bisphenol-A (BPA), Phthalates and PVC free line of bottles, cups, pacifiers, teethers and accessories for babies and kids.”

Contest ends 12.17.09. Good luck!

And Twins Make Five Review!

The popular blog, just mentioned BornFree in their article entitled “BornFree Stocking Stuffers.”

“Tops for me was knowing that these were safe for kids’ developing teeth.  In fact, their pacifiers are developed under the guidelines of biological dentistry.”

Read the rest of the blog entry here:

Blog Mention: The Fashionable Bambino

The Fashionable Bambino mentioned BornFree in an article titled, “My Chat with Dr. Alan Greene About BPA.” The article discuses BPA concerns for parents.

*Update! Theresa just posted a great BornFree review here:

Read the article here:

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