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Dr. Greene Answers Your Questions: Part 3

To celebrate reaching the 1,000 fan mark, Dr. Greene answered three questions posed by our Facebook Fans. I’ll post each question and answer. We’ve answered Ashtyn and Harmony’s questions. Today, Elizabeth!

Dr. Alan Greene


There seems to be an overwhelming amount of information about creating a healthier and safer lifestyle for our family. I realize that I couldn’t change everything overnight. If I were to choose one thing to concetrate on first, what would you recommend?

Dr. Greene

Hi Elizabeth!

It may be easier than you think to make big impact with small changes. My recommendation for the “one thing” is to reduce your family’s exposure to unhealthy chemicals. There are only three routes of exposure to unhealthy chemicals: what goes into the mouth, what goes on the skin and what is inhaled. Although I have a handful of recommendations for each of those areas, I consider these small transitions a critical part of the “one thing.”

What Goes into the Mouth:

The food we eat and the containers they are served and stored in make a huge impact. My Organic RX [’s-organic-rx] lists the top organic choices a family can make to reduce their exposure to harmful chemicals and to keep our environment cleaner.

The list is in order of importance, so start with the most important change and work your way down the list as your budget and food preferences permit. I also recommend every family make the switch to BPA-free food containers, both for storage and microwaving (See Know Your Plastics []).

What Goes on the Skin:

Choosing the right sunscreen can make a big difference to your level of exposure to harmful chemicals. When purchasing sunscreen, select a mineral sunscreen (zinc oxide or titanium dioxide) with an SPF of at least 15, preferably greater. Reach for the labels that say “broad-spectrum” – these sunscreens provide protection against both UVA and UVB rays. See more tips for choosing sunscreen here… [], or use the Cosmetics Database to find great products [].

What We Breathe In:

We tend to think of our homes as a safe bubble that protects us from chemicals in the air, but the opposite is true. Our homes trap chemicals emitted from volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harsh chemicals, such as the ones in many common cleaning formulas. I recommend making the switch to cleaning products that use all-natural ingredients.

Choose a brand the commits to disclosing all of their ingredients on the label. (Or check out my homemade cleaning recipes here[]). I also love how beautiful green house plants will not only make your home more beautiful but will also filter the indoor air, making the home safer for everyone. Click here for a list of the best air-filtering plants [].


Dr. Greene Answers Your Questions: Part 2

To celebrate reaching the 1,000 fan mark, Dr. Greene answered three questions posed by our Facebook Fans. I’ll post each question and answer. Yesterday we answered Harmony’s question. Today, Ashtyn!

Dr. Alan Greene


Dr. Greene: Although I would love to only feed our baby organic food and get her the best of everything out there, with the economy the way it is, it is hard to afford these luxury baby items. Could you please suggest which items are worth the extra expenses based on their benefits to nutrition and to baby’s development?

Also, could you please suggest which items will be okay/will do just the same as the as the expensive items for baby? I don’t mind buying pricey items if they will benefit my baby, but some times I wonder if the generic off-brands will do just the same. Thank you!

Dr. Greene

Hi Ashtyn!

First, congratulations on what looks like an adorable 6-month-old — and on your wise choice of BPA/phthalate-free bottles, pacifiers, bowls and spoons.

Beechnut is a reliable brand of baby food — and especially when you choose flavors that are similar to foods your family likes to eat. Part of the goal of baby food is to provide safe, healthy nutrition now. Part is to prepare them to enjoy the healthy food your family likes when the time comes.

As far as the organic question goes, I completely understand your dilemma. We all want the very best for our children, but these days families are cutting back to make ends meet. When I started my Organic Journey [’s-organic-journey], I recognized that not every family could jump right into organic food 100 percent, so I crafted what I consider to be the top 10 (ok, 11) most important organic choices to make for your family’s health[’s-organic-rx].

The top choice I think every family should make is to switch to organic milk[]. Organic baby food comes in at #4[]. One wonderful thing about feeding baby is that she doesn’t eat as much as we do, so the price per meal is fairly low in relation to your overall food budget.

I suggest you try to incorporate some of the most important organic foods from my list into your own diets (potatoes, apples and corn, for example), then share food from your table with baby as she grows (my newest book, Feeding Baby Green[], tells you how). All members of the family will benefit from this transition, and you won’t see much of a bump in your grocery budget.

As for buying name brand baby items versus generics, the secret is in the ingredients and components, not in the name. Look for plastics that are not just BPA free, but free from all xenoestrogens (such as BornFree) and look for natural fabrics for toys and baby items. And stick with food products with ingredients that you can pronounce, without artifical colors or preservatives. These choices will give your little one the best opportunities for a happy, healthy childhood.

Celebrating 1,000 Facebook Fans

We’re so close to having 1,000 Facebook Fans that we can taste it! When we finally do reach the milestone we have something very special planned. Dr. Greene has agreed to answer three questions from BornFree Fans.

What have you always wanted to know? Ask our favorite green pediatrician your questions about sleep schedules, feeding, nutrition, and more.

Here’s to 1,000! and Dr. Greene is one of our favorite websites so we were especially happy to discover that we’re being featured in a very special article. Both BornFree and Dr. Greene are mentioned in a post recapping the launch of his newest book Feeding Baby Green at Bryant Park titled “Join The Fight Against French Fries”.

Read the article to learn more:

Blog Mention: The Fashionable Bambino

The Fashionable Bambino mentioned BornFree in an article titled, “My Chat with Dr. Alan Greene About BPA.” The article discuses BPA concerns for parents.

*Update! Theresa just posted a great BornFree review here:

Read the article here:

BornFree Holding Briefing On BPA This Morning!

From Anne at BornFree UK:

The BPA debate is hotting up! Yesterday I blogged about the  campaign that was launched by  Breast Cancer UK calling on the Government to take action to end the use of the controversial chemical BPA in baby bottles. This call is backed by NCT, UNISON, The Women’s Environmental Network, The Cancer Prevention and Education Society and CHEM Trust.

BornFree has always opposed the use of BPA and other harmful chemicals in baby feeding products and has never ever used them, ever.

Today BornFree is hosting a breakfast media briefing at the Royal Society of Medicine, London.

The conference will cover:

  • The effect of endocrine disruptors which have been used in plastics for many years on babies and small children
  • Current Environment Protection Agency orders for testing on endocrine disruptors, and the effect of these chemicals on human development
  • Consumer reports on testing for BPA levels in canned food
  • Recent research results linking BPA levels to erectile dysfunction and decreased fertility in men

Speaking at the conference will be U.S. scientist Dr. Alan Greene and Ron Vigdor, President of BornFree USA .

We are so excited by the increased media and public awareness that is happening in the UK at the moment and we support all campaigns to ban the use of these harmful chemicals in products intended for use by children.

INO Mommy & Feeding Baby Green


Vera from INO Mommy wrote a great post on her blog about the Dr. Greene Feeding Baby Green event that we were pleased to sponsor last week. She was one bloggers who attended and had some great things to say!

From INO

Read her take on the night’s events here:

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