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Product Highlight: CoolFlow Pacifier

New product alert! The CoolFlow Pacifier is here!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dr. Jordan Goldstein, the BornFree Pediatric Dentist who helps us develop our oral line, would like to share some facts with you.

Tips for Cavity Prevention

  • Try and make the brushing time as fun as possible
  • If using a tooth paste without fluoride, pay extra attention for changes in tooth color and structure
  • If your child eats sticky foods, brush afterward, after or at least rinse her/his mouth with water
  • A child’s first visit to the dentist should be made by the first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts
  • Dental Sealants with no BPA are available today and recommended to prevent decay originating on tooth surfaces
  • The use of pacifier above age 4 or above is likely to cause permanent teeth misalignment
  • New dental techniques available to fill cavities with out drilling are now available.

Enter for a chance to win a pack of CoolFlow Pacifiers by going to our Facebook Fan page (contest ends 2/26).


BornFree on Good Morning Texas

The MetroMoms were kind enough to bring BornFree to Good Morning Texas as part of an eco-friendly segment. Products included in the segment were hand picked based on what parents would really enjoy. We’re honored!

The product highlighted was the BornFree Sterilizer.

Watch the clip here:

The Interchangeable System

I received an email from a mom a week ago saying she just found out that the entire BornFree line is interchangeable. It’s true! The Trainer Cup spouts, Drinking Cup spouts, and bottles spouts can all be used with each alternate bases. This helps to ease babies and toddlers easily from one stage to the next.

Let’s say your toddler is ready to move on to the Trainer Cups (for 6-12 months of age) from the 9oz bottles. You can give your little one a Trainer Cup Spout with a bottle base so that can experience a sense of familiarity.

I’ve taken some photos to illustrate this. I hope you enjoy them! More photos coming.

Notes From Motherhood: Happy Teething, Happy New Year!

For some reason I can’t at all remember when my first daughter started teething. Was the memory so horrific that I’ve blocked it out? That must be the case because my 3.5 month old has started teething. Isn’t this a little early? I’m assuming this means she’ll be an early reader as well.

Some of the symptoms are: eating around the clock, crankiness, not sleeping well…and that’s just me, the baby is having a hard time, too. 🙂

I’ve tried homeopathy, good old Tylenol (although she’s so young I’m keeping the amounts minimal) and lots of love. Of course I brought out her pink Teether Gum Brush for the occasion!

Bite as much as you want, honey! There are no BPAs! 🙂

She loves the feeling of the soft bristles against her ailing gums. Great mom that I am, I even popped it in the freezer so that she can cool down her gums a bit. Okay that’s not an original idea but I get points for remembering to do it, right?

Yes, I do keep flour in my freezer...Try to find the Teether Gum Brush!

Tonight I’ll be excitedly watching New Year’s Eve celebrations all over the world on television while tending to her little gums. Babysitters across the globe will be raking in the dough big time, too I’m sure.

I’m hoping that she’s not awake when the clock strikes midnight. Cross your fingers that I’ll enter 2010 with a peaceful, sleeping baby.

Happy New Year, everyone!

*Get your own Silicone Teether:

*Or the Teether Gum Brush (as shown with 3.5 month-old drooly Tali):

Amazing Babies ‘R Us Reviews!

The reviews are in and they are fantastic! We just saw the new Babies ‘R Us customer reviews and are happy to report that moms and dads everywhere are enjoying being BornFree! The number of 5 out of 5 reviews is amazing!

“Perfect bottles. No leaks and love the fact that you can substiute the nipples with a spout and turn the bottle into a sippy cup.” -North Carolina mom

“The flow is just right for a small baby.” -New Jersey mom

“I have tried MANY bottles, and this is the only bottle that doesn’t leak!!!…It’s great I have no complaints whatsoever.” -another New Jersey mom

“These bottles are wonderful! I have used them from the beginning and have been nothing but happy with them. I have tried about every other brand just to see the difference — it is night and day! No others compare! Go with these, you won’t be disappointed! No gas, no leaks, wash well (even after tons of washes) etc…Getting ready to have baby #2 and will continue using Born Free! The bottles I already have, and have used for a year now still look brand new! Worth every penny plus more!” -South Carolina mom

“I have tried every other type of bottle…This bottle is perfect. There are never any bubbles and it never leaks. It really is the perfect bottle.” – Tennessee mom

Read more reviews by going to the Babies ‘R Us page here:

Thank you to all of our wonderful customers!

New BornFree Baby! Meet: Noa Igrc

Meet Noa Igrc from Croatia! Look at how adorable he is! A big Thank You to both of his parents for sending us this beautiful photograph.

Do you have a BornFree baby photo you’d like to share? Email

Review: Is it Monday Already?

We’re so pleased to be featured on “Is it Monday Already?”  Lisa reviewed our Trainer Cup with great results!

“Bottle brushes cant even get into some of the hard plastic valves. BornFree cups have a great one piece valve insert unlike any other I have seen, The one piece design comes out of the bottle and is easily able to be completely cleaned.These trainer cups also feature a soft Silicone spout and removable handles for the purpose of transitioning from a bottle to cup. Once the child is comfortable you can remove the handles.

The soft spout allows the child to drink with out having to suck so hard.”

Read the whole review here.

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