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Notes From Motherhood: Type Me

I’ve written before about how marketers pigeonhole moms into “Alpha Moms” or “Beta Moms” and how I feel like I’m neither. To me, being a mom is a very complex role and I don’t fit into any stereotypes.

I don’t think it’s just marketers trying to tell moms who to be. There is a lot pressure out there.

The BornFree Facebook Fan page and our recent Twitter party have allowed me to learn quite a bit (and fall totally in love with) our awesome fans.

BornFree Moms are homebirthers, hospital-birthers, exclusive breastfeeders, exclusive bottle feeders, sometimes bottle feeders, stay-at-home moms, working moms, student moms, mothers of six, trying to conceive their first, adoptive moms and more.

They’re all BornFree (or soon-to-be & want-to-be) Moms but have completely different lives.

Remember that you don’t have to fit into anyone’s idea of what a perfect mom is. Just be Type You!


Notes From Motherhood: Sleep Secrets

OK moms spill it. We all have our special sleep secrets. Tell me, how do you help your little one waltz into dreamland? There are hundreds of books on the topic but after two children I trust the advice of other moms (and dads!) more than anything.

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Here are my secrets:

The Miracle Blanket. This is the Rolls Royce of swaddling blankets. If you have a strong baby who needs to be tightly swaddled to prevent her from waking up repeatedly through the night, this swaddler is worth its weight in gold. I sent my husband out to get two after many frustrating attempts at swaddling my future boxer (she’d punch her way out of ordinary blankets!).

A Good Night Light: For those midnight, 2 AM, and 4 AM newborn diaper changes and feedings you’re going to want just enough light to avoid trying to feed your baby’s ear but not enough to completely wake up your baby. Those “tap on” lights that attach to walls are fabulous. You’ll want something that is dim and can be easily pushed on and off. An overhead dimmer with a remote also works well. Keep all of your supplies close at hand so that you can avoid getting up too much.

My BornFree Binkies. I know they’re called Pacifiers. Even if I didn’t work for my favorite BPA-free company my baby’s co-sleeper would still be lined with at least three of these soothers before we called it a night. If you’re wondering why we start with three it’s because we tend to lose them in the sheets during the wee hours of the morning. It’s just easier this way. In the morning I round them all up and begin again. When my infant finishes nursing I pop her binky in and she sucks away into a deep sleep. Bliss for mommy.

Those are mine. Tell me yours!

The Interchangeable System

I received an email from a mom a week ago saying she just found out that the entire BornFree line is interchangeable. It’s true! The Trainer Cup spouts, Drinking Cup spouts, and bottles spouts can all be used with each alternate bases. This helps to ease babies and toddlers easily from one stage to the next.

Let’s say your toddler is ready to move on to the Trainer Cups (for 6-12 months of age) from the 9oz bottles. You can give your little one a Trainer Cup Spout with a bottle base so that can experience a sense of familiarity.

I’ve taken some photos to illustrate this. I hope you enjoy them! More photos coming.

Notes From Motherhood: Teething Part II

Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a wonderful celebration. I rang in the new year with two sleeping kids- whoo hoo!

My little one is still working on those teeth. She been doing very well! Her sleep has been a bit compromised but I’m doing my best to keep her happy and comfortable. She’s been munching away at her Teether Gum Brush, letting the soft bristles massage her ailing gums. We were out this weekend and about 4 moms came up to me asking where I bought her teether! They could tell she was teething because of how dramatically she was biting and were surprised that she was so content.

Of course I was happy to share BornFree with them! 🙂

If you’re a BornFree bottle fan but are new to the pacifiers and teethers watch this video by Organic Baby Resource to learn more.

May this new year bring you everything your heart desires and more.

Notes From Motherhood: Happy Teething, Happy New Year!

For some reason I can’t at all remember when my first daughter started teething. Was the memory so horrific that I’ve blocked it out? That must be the case because my 3.5 month old has started teething. Isn’t this a little early? I’m assuming this means she’ll be an early reader as well.

Some of the symptoms are: eating around the clock, crankiness, not sleeping well…and that’s just me, the baby is having a hard time, too. 🙂

I’ve tried homeopathy, good old Tylenol (although she’s so young I’m keeping the amounts minimal) and lots of love. Of course I brought out her pink Teether Gum Brush for the occasion!

Bite as much as you want, honey! There are no BPAs! 🙂

She loves the feeling of the soft bristles against her ailing gums. Great mom that I am, I even popped it in the freezer so that she can cool down her gums a bit. Okay that’s not an original idea but I get points for remembering to do it, right?

Yes, I do keep flour in my freezer...Try to find the Teether Gum Brush!

Tonight I’ll be excitedly watching New Year’s Eve celebrations all over the world on television while tending to her little gums. Babysitters across the globe will be raking in the dough big time, too I’m sure.

I’m hoping that she’s not awake when the clock strikes midnight. Cross your fingers that I’ll enter 2010 with a peaceful, sleeping baby.

Happy New Year, everyone!

*Get your own Silicone Teether:

*Or the Teether Gum Brush (as shown with 3.5 month-old drooly Tali):

Notes From Motherhood: More Than Gifts?

The holidays are a big deal in my home. My eldest daughter knows she’s getting gifts. She loves getting gifts. Lately I’ve been wondering how to impart in her the spirit of the holidays rather than just the excitement from the potential loot she’s going to drag to her bedroom.

One way I’ve done this is by discussing why she is going to get presents before she can open any. I’m not sure this works, but it’s what my parents did!

How do you make sure your kids know the holidays are more about more than collecting presents?

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Notes From Motherhood: Mom of Two

With my first baby I was all about schedules. I scheduled her naps, knew exactly how many hours she spent sleeping & playing, and planned my day around her every possible need. I kept an insanely detailed chart wherein I recorded how much she ate and for how long. My second baby is receiving no such treatment.

I don’t know exactly how many hours she spends sleeping but I know when she’s getting enough based on how rested or tired (puffy and red) her eyes look. If you ask me how much she eats, all I can tell you is, “enough.”

Data isn’t a part of the parenting equation this time around. I’ve traded graphs and spreadsheets with the number of wet diapers during the day for using my instincts and guesstimations and I’m okay with that. I love how relaxed everything is this time around. Our lives are more full but also filled with a sense of calm. I trust myself.

All that said, I’m not sure how moms with more than two kids do it. Right now we have an adult for each child. What do you do when you’re outnumbered? How does anarchy not break out? Share you secrets!

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