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Product Highlight: CoolFlow Pacifier

New product alert! The CoolFlow Pacifier is here!

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. Dr. Jordan Goldstein, the BornFree Pediatric Dentist who helps us develop our oral line, would like to share some facts with you.

Tips for Cavity Prevention

  • Try and make the brushing time as fun as possible
  • If using a tooth paste without fluoride, pay extra attention for changes in tooth color and structure
  • If your child eats sticky foods, brush afterward, after or at least rinse her/his mouth with water
  • A child’s first visit to the dentist should be made by the first birthday or six months after the first tooth erupts
  • Dental Sealants with no BPA are available today and recommended to prevent decay originating on tooth surfaces
  • The use of pacifier above age 4 or above is likely to cause permanent teeth misalignment
  • New dental techniques available to fill cavities with out drilling are now available.

Enter for a chance to win a pack of CoolFlow Pacifiers by going to our Facebook Fan page (contest ends 2/26).


Dental Health And Your Baby

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. How much do you know about dental health for babies and children?

Dr. Jordan Goldstein is the BornFree Pediatric Dentist. Here are some facts about teething from him that you may want to know.


* Usually starts between 6 to 12 months of age

* Girls usually start teething before boys

* The appearance of an infant’s first tooth is regarded by most parents as one of a series of significant developmental landmarks

* It is generally accepted that the eruption of deciduous teeth are accompanied by a number of symptoms including: general irritability, gum inflammation, drooling, loss of appetite, disturbed sleep, diarrhea, mouth ulcers, an increase in body temperature, increased biting, gum-rubbing, sucking, wakefulness and ear-rubbing.

Learn more about the BornFree Teethers here:

MetroMoms Must Haves

The MetroMoms event, “Must Haves From Pregnancy to Infancy”, is on again! If you live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and are expecting RSVP. We’re sponsoring this dinner so expect lots of goodies!

Thursday, February 11th



Big City Moms Expectant Moms Dinner

The Big City Mom’s Expectant Mom Dinner is coming up! Tuesday February 9th. Be sure to purchase your tickets in advance in order to go home with fabulous goodies including BornFree products!


Big City Moms shows you the best baby accessories and everything you need to put on your registry

We will be discussing everything from strollers to high chairs to toys to carriers to toys, and much more.

This is one dinner you will not want to miss!!

All moms to be will go home with one of the products
we talk about..
WHERE: Kidville, NY, 163 East 84th St. (3rd-Lex. Aves.)
WHEN:  Tuesday, February 9th
TIME:   6 – 8:30pm
PRICE:  $60


Everyone who prepays for this dinner will go home with treats from Planet Kids, Cord Blood Registry, Belly Bar, Enfamil, Patemm, Maclaren, Bugaboo, Born Free, Mam, Enfamil, Destination Maternity, Baby Legs, Boon, Stokke, Bloom, Skip Hop, and more…

BornFree on Fox 25 News!

Great news! BornFree drinking cups were just featured in a LIVE segment about BPA-free and all natural baby shower gift ideas on FOX 25 Morning News, the lifestyle morning show on the FOX Network in the US.

The segment lasted approx. 5 min. and displayed baby shower gift ideas including the BornFree drinking cups by local parenting expert, Jodi Grundig.

They also discussed the recent BPA news in conjunction with the BornFree cups, highlighting that BornFree was the first brand to provide a BPA Free and completely safe line to consumers.

Have a look at this link from from the network’s website:

To buy the BornFree Drinking cups and other BPA-Free products please visit our website or your local retailer.

SheKnows Pregnancy

We enjoyed a nice mention from SheKnows Pregnancy, a website millions of soon-to-be moms use to navigate through a very important time in their lives. The post featured photos of our Trainer Cup, pacifiers, teethers and bottles.

Notes From Motherhood: Type Me

I’ve written before about how marketers pigeonhole moms into “Alpha Moms” or “Beta Moms” and how I feel like I’m neither. To me, being a mom is a very complex role and I don’t fit into any stereotypes.

I don’t think it’s just marketers trying to tell moms who to be. There is a lot pressure out there.

The BornFree Facebook Fan page and our recent Twitter party have allowed me to learn quite a bit (and fall totally in love with) our awesome fans.

BornFree Moms are homebirthers, hospital-birthers, exclusive breastfeeders, exclusive bottle feeders, sometimes bottle feeders, stay-at-home moms, working moms, student moms, mothers of six, trying to conceive their first, adoptive moms and more.

They’re all BornFree (or soon-to-be & want-to-be) Moms but have completely different lives.

Remember that you don’t have to fit into anyone’s idea of what a perfect mom is. Just be Type You!

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