Dr. Greene Answers Your Questions: Part 2

To celebrate reaching the 1,000 fan mark, Dr. Greene answered three questions posed by our Facebook Fans. I’ll post each question and answer. Yesterday we answered Harmony’s question. Today, Ashtyn!

Dr. Alan Greene


Dr. Greene: Although I would love to only feed our baby organic food and get her the best of everything out there, with the economy the way it is, it is hard to afford these luxury baby items. Could you please suggest which items are worth the extra expenses based on their benefits to nutrition and to baby’s development?

Also, could you please suggest which items will be okay/will do just the same as the as the expensive items for baby? I don’t mind buying pricey items if they will benefit my baby, but some times I wonder if the generic off-brands will do just the same. Thank you!

Dr. Greene

Hi Ashtyn!

First, congratulations on what looks like an adorable 6-month-old — and on your wise choice of BPA/phthalate-free bottles, pacifiers, bowls and spoons.

Beechnut is a reliable brand of baby food — and especially when you choose flavors that are similar to foods your family likes to eat. Part of the goal of baby food is to provide safe, healthy nutrition now. Part is to prepare them to enjoy the healthy food your family likes when the time comes.

As far as the organic question goes, I completely understand your dilemma. We all want the very best for our children, but these days families are cutting back to make ends meet. When I started my Organic Journey [http://www.drgreene.com/article/dr-greene’s-organic-journey], I recognized that not every family could jump right into organic food 100 percent, so I crafted what I consider to be the top 10 (ok, 11) most important organic choices to make for your family’s health[http://www.drgreene.com/article/dr-greene’s-organic-rx].

The top choice I think every family should make is to switch to organic milk[http://www.drgreene.com/article/dr-greenes-organic-rx-item-1]. Organic baby food comes in at #4[http://www.drgreene.com/article/dr-greenes-organic-rx-item-4]. One wonderful thing about feeding baby is that she doesn’t eat as much as we do, so the price per meal is fairly low in relation to your overall food budget.

I suggest you try to incorporate some of the most important organic foods from my list into your own diets (potatoes, apples and corn, for example), then share food from your table with baby as she grows (my newest book, Feeding Baby Green[http://feedingbabygreen.drgreene.com/], tells you how). All members of the family will benefit from this transition, and you won’t see much of a bump in your grocery budget.

As for buying name brand baby items versus generics, the secret is in the ingredients and components, not in the name. Look for plastics that are not just BPA free, but free from all xenoestrogens (such as BornFree) and look for natural fabrics for toys and baby items. And stick with food products with ingredients that you can pronounce, without artifical colors or preservatives. These choices will give your little one the best opportunities for a happy, healthy childhood.


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