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Celebrating 1,000 Facebook Fans

We’re so close to having 1,000 Facebook Fans that we can taste it! When we finally do reach the milestone we have something very special planned. Dr. Greene has agreed to answer three questions from BornFree Fans.

What have you always wanted to know? Ask our favorite green pediatrician your questions about sleep schedules, feeding, nutrition, and more.

Here’s to 1,000!

Advertisements and Dr. Greene is one of our favorite websites so we were especially happy to discover that we’re being featured in a very special article. Both BornFree and Dr. Greene are mentioned in a post recapping the launch of his newest book Feeding Baby Green at Bryant Park titled “Join The Fight Against French Fries”.

Read the article to learn more:

SheKnows Pregnancy

We enjoyed a nice mention from SheKnows Pregnancy, a website millions of soon-to-be moms use to navigate through a very important time in their lives. The post featured photos of our Trainer Cup, pacifiers, teethers and bottles.

BornFree on Good Morning Texas

The MetroMoms were kind enough to bring BornFree to Good Morning Texas as part of an eco-friendly segment. Products included in the segment were hand picked based on what parents would really enjoy. We’re honored!

The product highlighted was the BornFree Sterilizer.

Watch the clip here:

Celebrity Moms Love Bornfree!

The actress Melissa Joan Hart has been spotted tweeting about BornFree bottles this week.

Known on Twitter as MellyJHart, Melissa is definitely less ‘teenage witch’ and more ‘yummy mummy’ with two gorgeous boys.

She’s clearly a savvy lady too as she only gives her children the best BPA-Free baby products, BornFree of course!

Notes From Motherhood: Type Me

I’ve written before about how marketers pigeonhole moms into “Alpha Moms” or “Beta Moms” and how I feel like I’m neither. To me, being a mom is a very complex role and I don’t fit into any stereotypes.

I don’t think it’s just marketers trying to tell moms who to be. There is a lot pressure out there.

The BornFree Facebook Fan page and our recent Twitter party have allowed me to learn quite a bit (and fall totally in love with) our awesome fans.

BornFree Moms are homebirthers, hospital-birthers, exclusive breastfeeders, exclusive bottle feeders, sometimes bottle feeders, stay-at-home moms, working moms, student moms, mothers of six, trying to conceive their first, adoptive moms and more.

They’re all BornFree (or soon-to-be & want-to-be) Moms but have completely different lives.

Remember that you don’t have to fit into anyone’s idea of what a perfect mom is. Just be Type You!

The Truth Behind ‘that’ FDA Comment!

Science Daily, an online source for the latest news in research, have posted an article about the FDA’s recent change of stance on BPA.

Up until this week the FDA, the US Food and Drug Administration, have maintained an opinion consistent with the chemical industry; that BPA poses no risk to humans. Now, a significant step has been taken away from this opinion and the FDA have stated that exposure to the chemical is of “some concern” for infants and children.

The Science Daily article includes this quote from Frederick vom Saal, a University of Missouri scientist:

“The FDA formally acknowledging concern about BPA and working with NIH to incorporate research from outside of the chemical industry is a huge step forward.”

We at BornFree are delighted at this change in stance and look forward to the day when there is a complete ban on the use of BPA in products intended for the use of babies and infants.

To read the article go here:

To read more about BornFree and our BPA-Free philosophy go here: