Notes From Motherhood: Thanks, Thanksgiving!

Notes from Motherhood is written by Tali & Maya’s Mom, Bunmi. Bunmi is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for North America.

Thanksgiving was more fun than I could have imagined. I have three brothers, none of whom are interested in cooking, so I’ve always helped make Thanksgiving dinner. For the last few years I’ve taken the lead and made the entire meal myself.

This year was my first year with two children. My home was full of family and we’d decided to take out Thanksgiving dinner from a restaurant. Sounded great to me! No large roasting pans to scrub, my appliances would stay clean, no pie crusts to make- this mom of two was ecstatic! Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook but lately I’ve loved to watch people cook for me even more.

I spent Thanksgiving Day cleaning and tidying my home. I called the restaurant myself and was sure to place an order that would please everyone  (including the vegetarian). Right before our final guests and the food were scheduled to arrive I proceeded to put my two very tired little girls to bed. It was 6 PM and they were exhausted from the day’s activities. Little did I know, but so was I.

As I rubbed my 3 year-old’s back with one hand and held my infant’s pacifier in with my other hand I didn’t even feel myself fall asleep.

When I woke up it was 3:30 in the morning. Imagine that!

I think I remember my husband coming in to tell me that the meal had arrived but that could have been a dream.

I felt a bit guilty for not being there for our guests but they were well taken care of and everyone had a great time, including me! I haven’t slept that long in over a year. Thanks, Thanksgiving!


1 Response to “Notes From Motherhood: Thanks, Thanksgiving!”

  1. 1 BornFreeMom December 24, 2009 at 4:40 pm

    Share your funniest holiday stories with me!

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