Notes From Motherhood: Alpha, Beta, Whatta?

Notes from Motherhood is written by Tali & Maya’s Mom, Bunmi. Bunmi is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for North America.

Awhile back someone came up with the idea of classifying moms into Betas and Alphas.

Alpha moms show up for preschool pick-up in heels, are never missing an earring, and serve organic wholegrain crackers topped with crème fraîche and shaved truffle at playdates. Beta moms show up for preschool pick-up wearing two different shoes, consider a their binky chain an accessory, and would have prepared a snack for the playdate if she remembered there was one.

I think most moms, myself included, fit into both categories. We’re not Alphas or Betas, we have Alpha and Beta days. Sometimes I show up to my daughter’s preschool feeling like a winner in my Lacoste jacket (which I finally remembered to get tailored), dinner already prepped at home, and makeup done. Total Alpha day.

Other days I’m not so lucky. I show up late wearing the sweatshirt I woke up in and wishing I was married to Emeril Lagasse so *BAM* I’d never have to think about dinner again (I love my husband). Beta all the way. Speaking of dinner, why is it that I know Facebook like the back of my hand but can’t figure out my new crock-pot? I never would have guessed it is possible to melt an entire whole chicken but it is.

I like to think that I have more Alpha days than Beta but think there’s something nice about moms who are just trying to do their best, not strive for perfection.

At the end of the day I’d much rather have a few more minutes with my little ones even if it means the laundry has to sit in the dryer for another night. Wouldn’t you?

No designer heels but I do see a smile!


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