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Mama-razzi Sighting!

We have a new Mama-razzi sighting! Kristy sent us this photo via Twitter. Isn’t he adorable?

“Here’s my Born Free baby fast asleep after taking xmas pics 2day!”

Send in your Mama-razzi sightings to

Get this baby’s sipping style here:


Matthew McConaughey is a BornFree™ Dad!

Babble just published some great photos of actor Matthew McConaughey with son Levi holding a BornFree™ cup!

We’re happy that so many visible parents are raising awareness of BPA-free products for babies & children.





Get Levi’s sipping style by going here:

Read the Babble article by going here:

Erin Brockovich Champions the Fight Against BPA

Have a look at this piece in It seems environmental activist Erin Brockovich is speaking out against outdated chemical laws which still allow BPA and other harmful chemicals to be used in the production of cans and packaging in the USA.

It is well documented that the use of BPA has been restricted in many American states and in Canada due to a list of negative health risks and increased studies linking exposure from BPA to reproductive abnormalities, breast and prostate cancers, type II diabetes, impaired immune function, obesity, and heart disease.

Brockovich has teamed up with other grassroots campaigners to take the Million Baby Crawl Campaign to key American cities and educate the public about The Kid Safe Chemical Act, a new toxic chemical bill being presented to Congress this month. She says

“This effort is about creating awareness and encouraging parents to be the watchdog for their children”

We are very proud to say that all BornFree™ products are 100% Free of BPA, Phthalates and PVC and are the safe and smart choice for you and your baby.

These days many companies are removing these chemicals from children’s items. We never used them. Ever.

It is our hope that awareness will spread and the public will put pressure on the government to outlaw the use of BPA in products meant for the use of children.

It is really great news that a well known champion of underdogs like Erin Brockovich has joined in the fight against BPA. Go Erin!

For more information on the Million Baby Crawl please visit the campaign website

Notes From Motherhood: Crunchy is as Crunchy Does

I wouldn’t call myself a crunchy mom but it really depends who you’re comparing me too. I go back and forth between cloth diapers and disposables, depending on which is more convenient. When I do buy disposable diapers I buy the kind that apparently only takes 10 yeas to biodegrade rather than 500. Who knows though!

I try to feed my 3 year-old healthy foods (not counting the occasional 3 AM chocolate milk) but am not 100% against the occasional fast food emergency snack. Most of the time I use all natural cleaning products but every now and then I’ll bring out the big guns to combat a particularly stubborn stain.

Crunchy? Some days. I’m aware of health and environmental issues and then make decisions I can live with. When I first started hearing about BPA concerns I took them pretty seriously as I had a very young child. It barely took any extra effort to make sure the eating and drinking items in my home were labeled BPA-free so I did.

Perhaps I’m what the New Crunchy Mom looks like. We don’t wear hemp, eat flaxseed everyday or live a completely organic lifestyle. We do what we can, make the best decisions for our families we can, and are okay with that. 🙂 Review

Melissa from just posted a great review of our Trainer Cups and Teethers! As a mom of two young boys, Connor and Jackson, she’s an expert on all things toddler and I’m so excited that she’s given us her seal of approval.

Straight from Melissa:

“This one never leaks! It is so easy to clean. There are no straws with impossible to reach crannies or weird plastic suction pieces I can never put back on correctly. My little boy loves smoothies and many cups will not allow him to get the teeny tiny fruit through the spout – not the case with the soft spout on this cup.”


Read the entire review by going to:

BornFree™ President on Bloomberg Television!

On November 6th Ron Vigdor, the president of BornFree™, sat down with  Bloomberg Television’s Pimm Fox to talk about BPA.  BPA (Bisphenol-A) is the chemical used to stiffen plastics. It also can leach into food and liquids, has been linked to heart and fertility disorders.

The interview was fantastic! Learn more about BPA and watch the clip by going here:

Notes From Motherhood: Alpha, Beta, Whatta?

Notes from Motherhood is written by Tali & Maya’s Mom, Bunmi. Bunmi is the BornFree Social Networking coordinator for North America.

Awhile back someone came up with the idea of classifying moms into Betas and Alphas.

Alpha moms show up for preschool pick-up in heels, are never missing an earring, and serve organic wholegrain crackers topped with crème fraîche and shaved truffle at playdates. Beta moms show up for preschool pick-up wearing two different shoes, consider a their binky chain an accessory, and would have prepared a snack for the playdate if she remembered there was one.

I think most moms, myself included, fit into both categories. We’re not Alphas or Betas, we have Alpha and Beta days. Sometimes I show up to my daughter’s preschool feeling like a winner in my Lacoste jacket (which I finally remembered to get tailored), dinner already prepped at home, and makeup done. Total Alpha day.

Other days I’m not so lucky. I show up late wearing the sweatshirt I woke up in and wishing I was married to Emeril Lagasse so *BAM* I’d never have to think about dinner again (I love my husband). Beta all the way. Speaking of dinner, why is it that I know Facebook like the back of my hand but can’t figure out my new crock-pot? I never would have guessed it is possible to melt an entire whole chicken but it is.

I like to think that I have more Alpha days than Beta but think there’s something nice about moms who are just trying to do their best, not strive for perfection.

At the end of the day I’d much rather have a few more minutes with my little ones even if it means the laundry has to sit in the dryer for another night. Wouldn’t you?

No designer heels but I do see a smile!

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