The Secret Life of the BornFree™ Formula Dispenser

Guest Post from Neta Tirosh, the BornFree™ Mom:

This weekend I discovered the secret life of the BornFree™ Formula Dispenser. I’ve known for ages that this handy little BPA-free container is wonderful for moms who need quick, convenient access to dry formula for on-the-go bottle making but now I’ve stumbled across a new use for this contraption!

I took my little one to the park and instead of grabbing one of those plastic disposable bags, I packed three different dry snacks in the Formula Dispenser! It was perfect! No more crunched and crushed snacks, no more little baggies floating around my diaper bag, and I was able to keep the nuts separate from the raisins (we all know how important that is to small children). Most importantly, no BPA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tidbit! Until next time.


PS. Add me on Facebook where I’ll be discussing the latest and greatest about BornFree™ and other baby & BPA news.

Neta Tirosh

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