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The Mommyista

We’re proud to work with a great group of moms called The Mommyista. Last week they had their kick-off gathering and raffled off a BornFree™ Gift Set.

50 moms came together for this fantastic event and Kim walked away with the BornFree™  prize! Turns out she’d already registered for BornFree™ bottles- what luck!

The Mommyista is a Florida-based group created by two moms, Autumn and Kara. Visit their website here:


Table of Goodies

The Winner!

The Winner!

Dr. Greene on USA

Our spokesperson, Dr. Greene, was quoted in a recent USA article on the highly discussed topic of environmental toxins. The article by Liz Szabo begins by noting the prevalence of lead and arsenic in everyday items such as handbags but then goes on to share how these chemicals have made their way into items our children use and play with.

“I’m less concerned about handbags than I am about things that are meant to be mouthed, like teethers,” says Alan Greene, a pediatrician at Stanford’s Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and author of Raising Baby Green. “But parents should at least know about the handbags, so they don’t let it become a toy.”

When considering chemical risks to children, Greene says parents should place a priority on products that go in a child’s mouth, such as pacifiers; foods or food containers, such as sippy cups; and products that go on their skin, such as lotion.

Read the rest of the article here:

Visit Dr. Greene’s website:

Big City Moms 10.6.09

On October 6, 2009  BornFree™ will join Big City Moms to pamper New York’s luckiest expecting moms.

The Big City Mom’s Biggest Baby Shower Ever is here! We’re excited to take part in this huge event. Look out for BornFree™ goodies.


The Secret Life of the BornFree™ Formula Dispenser

Guest Post from Neta Tirosh, the BornFree™ Mom:

This weekend I discovered the secret life of the BornFree™ Formula Dispenser. I’ve known for ages that this handy little BPA-free container is wonderful for moms who need quick, convenient access to dry formula for on-the-go bottle making but now I’ve stumbled across a new use for this contraption!

I took my little one to the park and instead of grabbing one of those plastic disposable bags, I packed three different dry snacks in the Formula Dispenser! It was perfect! No more crunched and crushed snacks, no more little baggies floating around my diaper bag, and I was able to keep the nuts separate from the raisins (we all know how important that is to small children). Most importantly, no BPA.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little tidbit! Until next time.


PS. Add me on Facebook where I’ll be discussing the latest and greatest about BornFree™ and other baby & BPA news.

Neta Tirosh

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Green Tips From

As you know, BornFree™ takes green living seriously. When we introduced our Eco-Friendly Recyclable Bottles this year it was just part of our overall commitment to improving the planet one family at a time.

Today we received an email from, a wonderful website dedicated to helping parents become locally proactive about conscious living.


One of the great features of their website is the GreenMometer™, a section that empowers parents to make simple but effective green lifestyle changes.

We’re proud to be listed on Check out the website.

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