A Stainless Steel Water Bottle You Can Trust

Once again there is news traveling quickly across Facebook, Twitter, and the blogsphere about companies using BPA in their products to the surprise and disappointment of their customers.

As a parent-founded company, BornFree™ shares the frustration of moms and dads who thought they were doing the best for their children only to find out their efforts have been thwarted by half-truths.

As back-to-school season kicks off and you find yourself looking for a BPA-free water bottle that is truly BPA-free, rest assured you will not have buyer’s remorse with our Stainless Steel Water Bottles.  They come in a 9oz size for tots and a 12 oz size. Get the whole family in on the healthy, environmentally friendly way to drink water and you’ll never go back to buying  huge 24-packs of bottled water again.

BornFree Stainless Steel

To buy online and learn more click here: http://www.newbornfree.com/Catalog.aspx?categoryid=134680


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