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A Stainless Steel Water Bottle You Can Trust

Once again there is news traveling quickly across Facebook, Twitter, and the blogsphere about companies using BPA in their products to the surprise and disappointment of their customers.

As a parent-founded company, BornFree™ shares the frustration of moms and dads who thought they were doing the best for their children only to find out their efforts have been thwarted by half-truths.

As back-to-school season kicks off and you find yourself looking for a BPA-free water bottle that is truly BPA-free, rest assured you will not have buyer’s remorse with our Stainless Steel Water Bottles.  They come in a 9oz size for tots and a 12 oz size. Get the whole family in on the healthy, environmentally friendly way to drink water and you’ll never go back to buying  huge 24-packs of bottled water again.

BornFree Stainless Steel

To buy online and learn more click here:


BornFree™ Mama-razzi: Mackenzie

We’ve got a brand new Mama-razzi sighting to report! Meet 16 week-old Mackenzie. Her mom Chau sent in this gorgeous photo of her enjoying a blissful feeding session. Isn’t she beautiful?


“My friend had given us the bottles with our shower gifts. And as you know moms really have a strong opinion on everything!  but all the moms at the shower spoke highly of the bottles! not only that it looks nice, but most important, no leaks!
needless to say, we didn’t try any other bottles.”

-Mackenzie’s mom

Would you like the join the BornFree™ Mama-razzi? Just email photos of your little one using BornFree and send to Keep them coming!

“I Love My Mom Group” Winner!

We have a winner of BornFree™’s first I Love My Mom Group contest!


Lisa of Rancho Santa Margarita sent in this lovely submission:

My moms group saved my sanity! During the first 6-8 weeks of my daughter’s life, I struggled with the “baby blues”. All I wanted to do was crawl in a hole & forget about being a mom. Then I joined my moms group, the New Moms of South OC 2009. All the women are new mommies with babies born in 2009. This meant all the babies were my daughter’s age!!! These women have shown me that all my feelings about being a mom; anxiety, unconditional love, frustration, etc. are all perfectly normal. I’m NORMAL!!! What a great feeling to know I’m not the only mom out there going through these ups and downs.
The moms are really relaxed, welcoming, & love their babies. Our coordinator, Holly goes above & beyond in finding fun, low cost things for us to do, like getting together at a moms house to make headbands for the baby girls or arranging a free Gymboree class for all of us to try. It’s a fantastic way for us to get over our anxiety about bringing our little ones out in public because we’re doing it together! We even stress the importance of doing something for ourselves by having moms night out once a month.

When I joined the group in mid-June there were about 30 moms, now there are over 70 moms!!!! Most of the moms joining have heard about the group from other members. The word is spreading….the New Moms of South OC 2009 groups is FANTASTIC!!!

Congrats Lisa!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, we are planning our next round of contests!

BornFree™ on 3Luxe’s “Best of” List


BornFree™ made the 3Luxe’s “Best Of” list!

Born Free was making BPA free baby bottles long before most of us knew what BPA (Bisphenol-A) was. Specializing in natural and organic products for your baby, Born Free focuses on creating the safest baby products for your little one…After thorough independent research, we selected the Born Free BPA Free Baby Bottle as a 3LUXE “Best Of”

Thank you!

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We’re going to the ABC Kids Expo!


The ABC Kid’s Expo is the premier trade show for industry experts in the field of baby and children’s goods. This year it will take place at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 13-16.

Stop by the BornFree™ Booth #2024 at this year’s ABC Kids show – It’s a must!

We’ll be giving an amazing discount of UP TO 15%* on orders taken at the show and if that wasn’t enough, we’ll also be raffling 5 iPhones to those customers who place an order at the show.

In addition, consumer health expert and BornFree™ spokesperson Dr. Alan Greene will be speaking in the Naturally Kids Sitting Area on September 15th at 3:00PM.

Immediately following, Dr. Greene will be signing copies of his new book Feeding Baby Green in the BornFree™ Booth #2024 (Compliments of BornFree™, while supplies last).

MetroMoms Best & Hottest Products Award

We’re so proud of of our Best & Hottest Product From Pregnancy to Preschool Award! Thank you, MetroMoms!


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