BornFree™ Mama-razzi Sighting! Baby Tatiana

BornFree has another Mama-razzi sighting to report! Raquel just sent in the most beautiful photo of her little Tatiana sharing a BornFree moment with her Auntie. Here’s what mom had to say:

BornFree is amazing, Originally I had looked in (X BRAND) bottles but they looked so complicated, so I did my research on BornFree and I have been using both the glass and plastic bottles since Tatiana was born. She is already a happy baby but I am sure BornFree plays a part in keeping her happy because of BornFree‘s awesome venting system. The bottles are so easy to clean and very durable, I have never had to replace a bottle just pieces. Even Tatiana’s Day Care provider has said that when she has a baby she is going to use BornFree. I will soon be introducing Tatiana to a sippie cup and yes it will be a BornFree one. I will always be an advocate for BornFree.”


Thank you, Raquel!

BornFree Twin-Pack BPA-free bottles (9oz):

BornFree Twin-Pack BPA-free glass bottles (9oz):

Would you like the join the BornFree™ Mama-razzi? Just email photos of your little one using BornFree and send to Easy!


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