Empowered Feeding: A Few BornFree Tips.

BornFree Trainer and Drinking Cups are different from the other cups out there not just because they’re BPA-free. When we designed our products we looked at the overall health of children and how we could contribute to it. That meant not using BPA-plastics, Phthalates, or PVCs but it meant something else as well.

Our company is run by parents who have had first hand experience to how painful ear infections, colic, and chronic spit-up can be for a new child and his or her parents! To prevent this we created an Inner Valve Air Vent and free flow system that prevents these common baby & toddler ailments.

We know we’re different and to help you have a positive experience with our products, here are a few tips for using your BornFree Drinking and Trainer cups.

bornfree breakdown
1. All BornFree products are based on free flow. We do not restrict the baby’s feeding so they don’t over-suckle on the nipple or spout. This system reduces gas, colic, and spit-up.

2. All BornFree products must use the venting system, the venting system helps prevent leaking from the sides of bottles or the cups. Always check to make sure that the clear and white vents are both properly in the product.

3. The difference between Trainer cup and Drinking cup is that the  the Trainer cup spout is spill resistant. The Drinking cup is open allowing for a free flow of liquid. The Drinking cup spout is hard while the Trainer cup spout is soft. The Trainer cup spout has closed flaps, the Drinking cup spouts has an open incision for drinking.

More BornFree Tips here: http://www.newbornfree.com/pics/bornfree/index_bottles.htm

Happy feeding!



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